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Feel Sunny


Imagine you could sleep, relax, work and meditate on the beach.
Would you do it?

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Some people relax. Others feel Sunny.

6 Sunny Bays

recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphones / fantastic 3D parallax illustrations

6 Beautiful Soundscapes

Collect Sunrays

Relax daily, collect sunrays, and visit all bays / Sunny rewards you for regular relaxation which improves your wellbeing

Collect Sunrays

Nature Sound Mixer

add music, rain and birds to your favorite bay

Nature Sound Mixer

Sleep Timer

soft audio fade out / fantastically well animated / optional

Sleep Timer

Relax Session Graph

track your relax sessions / optionally overlay your daily average heart rate from Health app

Graph & HealthKit

Love & Happiness

“Sunny is absolutely great.”

Nik Fletcher, Realmac Software

“The beach sounds of Sunny spark my imagination. It was fun to paint the illustrations for it!”

Marie Beschorner, Illustrator

“The fact that you can hear in 3D over stereo headphones is truly amazing.”

Dennis Nissen, Chemnitz University of Technology

“Sunny will make a lot of people happy.”

Franz Bruckhoff, Imagineer

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